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Someone to talk to


Is there anyone who lives near Chelsea London who you can talk to about symptoms I would love to hear from you X

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Hi, I would like that too! a sort of 'RA buddy' 😂 but I live in Oxford so no good. Hope you find someone.


Thank you for the reply yes it would be nice to speak to someone with the same problems you have as family do not really understand the pain and how you are feeling let's hope both of us find someone, shame you are in Oxford X


I also belong to a RA group on facebook. It's called Rheumatoid Arthritis in the UK (support group). If you join that one and ask on there you might be luckier.


Hi Tillie - I am not in London but travel in lots. Use to do work on the Kings Road. Happy to talk if you need a listening ear. I too have RA in feet and hands - as I always say I have good days bad days, I take one day at a time. Wishing you well😌 Hessie


Hi, I work in Chelsea and live about 20 mins away.


I it would be lovely to maybe meet for a coffee sometime as I am sure it would be great to talk and exchange symptoms X


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