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Emails displaying strangely over the last couple of days

When I open the regular email I only see the first line of the text then the top half of the second line.

Anyone else seeing this?

It makes it much harder to review posts to see if they are of any interest.

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Past few days my emails from NRAS have been off set, profile pics overlapping wording, & wording mixed up.

No problems with other emails though.


Same here. Agree it's difficult to read


I do see this today. But what really bothers me is for the last couple of weeks I have to log into each topic instead of being able to log in once and review all. This happened a while back (maybe six months) then back to normal. Hoping it happens again.


Hi Scottishlad

Thank you for your post, and for your report email to the admins this morning. I assume this is your HealthUnlocked emails, rather than emails from NRAS. The admins are here to moderate the content of posts and help with information on RA, but the website and emails come from HealthUnlocked, who run the site and deal with all the technical stuff. Hopefully they are aware of this problem, but in case they are not, the best thing to do is to contact them by clicking on the 'Help Centre' link under 'Support' at the bottom of the page.

I hope they will be able to fix this for you.

Kind regards




Thanks Victoria I have contacted support, the links were cunningly hidden in a "hidden" footer on the emails. You have to expand the footer to see the support links etc.


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