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I have Osteoarthritis knees and recently sciatica creepy in. I am very depressed.

Has anyone tried Yurashi Gentle Touch therapy? I've heard it helps. Please suggest. I went for the first session but did not find any difference in my pain.

Suggestions please

Thanks in advance

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Hi Annie. I'm so sorry that your knees are so painful and you are experiencing sciatica. Unfortunately, this forum is for those with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I think you would be better going to one of the osteoarthritis groups on health unlocked where there may be more help available to you. Wishing you well

I am sorry you are distressed with pain. I hadn't heard of this therapy but it sounds to help with relaxation . With all alternative therapies I guess it's about whether it works for you rather than whether it works for others. Only you can decide whether to give it another go. Not many therapies work instantly, on the other hand if you found no benefit, maybe treat yourself to something with the money saved. I hope the sciatica resolves soon..

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