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taken off leflundomide lost 11kg's, side effects too great, felt so sick, now on methotrexate 20mg and feeling much better{ what a difference} why ??

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Because no one drug will suit everyone, it’s very much trial and error until you find one that works for you. That’s a lot of weight to lose, Here’s hoping it’s mtx that works for you 😊


Everyone is different, & this disease alters everything differently for each of us.

I had the same experience as you on Leflunomide -I lost 15kg in three months......& only weighed 55kg to start with! Funny thing was - I felt quite well on it...I just had no appetite at all....so rheumy stopped it.

Previously I’d had several very successful years or methotrexate ......no rhyme nor reason.

I hope you do well on Mtx...many stay on it quite happily & successfully for years.


leflunomide can cause weight loss as known side effect. Glad mtx is doing a better job for me it was the other way around. Guess we are all different. Good luck going forward. xx

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I’m on to my second month of Leflunomide and it seems to work for me. I’ve lost a couple of pounds but think that’s the RA as I’m down about 3 kg since this time last year slow loss. Eleven kg is a serious loss you must have felt miserable.

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