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The mysterious ra

yesterday I got out of bed,and realised I didn’t have any aches or burning pain and had actually apart for one visit at toilet slept through the night.had a great day,not even any fatigue.roll on this morning and wallop,had to drag myself out of bed for work.nose running,chest heavy and coughing like I smoked 60 a can this be I thinking ra and the immune system are very complex.btw due to inject my methotrexate tonight,wondering if I should give it a miss?

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I'm not a Dr so can't advise about not taking MTX, you will need to assess how unwell you are? Could you miss it tonight and see how you are tomorrow , or possibly see/speak to your GP tomorrow for advice ?

Whenever I have a cold , my joints are usually pretty good! I've had 3 episodes now and mentioned it to my rheumatologist who acknowledged it was a recognised phenomenon in some people with RD.

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Thanks mmrr,yes think i’ll Just leave it a day and see how I feel.its just so weird how the immune system works.

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Go see the Doctor . I left the problems i had with methotrexate for years because my rheumatologist nurse kept saying i was ok judging by my blood tests. Well i went from 12 1/2 stone down to 10 1/2 stone dreadful breathing problems kidney pains at night and then bowel problems to the point I collapsed While out shopping one day. I came off methotrexate and within a couple of weeks l returned to normal. Its been a year and my weight has started to return and I'm recovering now. I do believe if i had carried on it would have been a very grave outcome for me.

Don't take these drugs lightly they can be very dangerous. See a doctor not the rheumatologist nurse , they seem to be brain washed to keep you on these drugs they don’t want bad reports back . It looks bad for them who ever they have to report back to.


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