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Psoriatic Arthritis

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Hi everyone,

I was diagnosed with seronegative Rheumatoid Arthritis last year but my new Rheummy doesn’t think that’s it. He asked if I had ever had psoriasis before, I said no but I do struggle with extreme dry skin.

I’m beginning to think I may have psoriatic Arthritis as it occurred to me I had a period where the front but of my scalp was peeling. Almost like cradle cap. Also my feet were blistering and flaking etc. Those of you with psoriatic Arthritis - does this seem typical? Or is this a coincidence. My pain is also bilateral (both sides of my body affecting most joints)

Any links you recommend?

I’m seeing him on the 14th so I’d like to broach the topic then.

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I have PsA but have never had psoriasis- but my middle son has severe psoriasis.


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Need2knowN in reply to Barrister

That’s interesting, how have they diagnosed you then? By elimination?

I also have psoriatic arthritis without psoriasis. Initially diagnosed as seronegative RA but my rheumy changed it later. My symptoms started in both hands and feet. Hence the RA diagnosis. However my rheumy always mentioned the possibility of me having Psa. It was changed when I developed an inflammation in my end finger followed by a sausage digit in that same finger. I also have sacroiliitis. That's when he changed it. It honestly makes very little difference. I've been receiving the same treatment since my initial diagnosis

I also have psa without the psoriasis however I do have bad dandruff with very dry hands an feet. My father suffered with very bad psoriasis an he also developed psoriatic arthritis so apparently it can run in families. Due to my family history the rheumatologist said I was lucky as they were able to catch it early an start treatment as it can be tricky to diagnose. I do have sore joints all over on both sides of my body also an my fingers do become very swollen. It probably would be best to mention it to the rheumatologist an see what they think.

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Lina282 in reply to Pinkypie2018

Hi,may I ask where do you go to rheumatologist? As I am diagnosed with seronegative RA but I think I have PsA and my rheumy doesn't listen and quite ignorant.

My older son has psoriasis and I have nail psoriasis (I think it is) but he doesn't want to find it out. I have typical symptoms , pain in neck,lower back,pelvic,hip,ankles, wrists,hands,fingers and both foot and toes.

I am looking for a rheumatologist who will listen and have a wide range of experience and knowledge. Oh I didn't ask if you are in the UK at all?

Have a lovely day X

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Pinkypie2018 in reply to Lina282

Yes I live in northern Ireland, your rheumatologist doesn't sound pleasant at all, can you change to get a second opinion? Treatment generally is the same for both conditions so I hope you are taking something. I'm currently on methotrexate so I would only be worried if your rheumy hasn't started you on treatment.

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Lina282 in reply to Pinkypie2018

Thank you for your reply. I am on Metoject 15mg and Hydroxychloroquine 400mg from Monday -Friday and 200mg Saturday and Sunday.

Yes my rheumatologist is not pleasant at all.Last time (yesterday before) my daughter was with me who works for NHS at 111 service and she told her that we are not happy that he is saying that it is fibromyalgia.

He diagnosed me in 2017 with Fibro and seronegative RA...but anytime I went back that my medication helped a lot but I feel it's still not enough as I was only my old self when I had a steroid shot.

I have some new symptoms and he is completely ignorant. I said that my older son has psoriasis,I have a very dry skin, some nail symptoms which looks like psoriatic nails and itchy scalp.

Also my hip pain which radiates to my groin,buttocks and tigh bone. He doesn't want to hear he just says that's probably fibromyalgia.

So I am looking for a rheumatologist who will listen and take actions in the UK. :)

Thank you for replying.

Gentle hugs, Lina x

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Pinkypie2018 in reply to Lina282

I hope you find one soon that will listen better and treat you promptly. I think sometimes the rheumatologist says fibromyalgia as an easy option cause there just not sure? If you look up the guidelines for diagnosing psa family history of psoriasis and nail changes are all on it. I don't have nail pitting but I do have some splinter haemorrhages which is common also in psa. But definitely I feel a second opinion is needed.

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Lina282 in reply to Pinkypie2018

Thank you for you words they just made me even more demanding for a good rheumy 😊

I will let you know if I have any success x

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Pinkypie2018 in reply to Lina282

Yes do, good luck!!

I have sausage fingers on all my fingers, this is interesting that you can have PsA without the actual psoriasis. Thank you .

I do sympathise, I too was diagnosed with seronegative RA, however, after either an allergic reaction too the infusions I was receiving at the time or full blown psoriasis my Consultant 'changed' my diagnosis to assist in getting funding for psoriatic arthritis to help my skin. However, my specialist nurse and Consultant agree that although fairly uncommon I seem to have both seronegative RA and Psoriatic Arthritis-lucky me!! Hope for all that treatment is working-so far 8 years on nothing has really worked for me and inflammation markers and pain still rage on!!

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Need2knowN in reply to lolamylo

:-( that’s tough!

I am almost sure that I have PsA but my rhuemys say they are not sure. I only have tiny little spots of psoriasis occasionally, but for years I had scalp problems which have cleared up since I have been on Mtx.

My dad had psoriasis very badly all over him and also had a lot of pain in his ankles and gout. My grandfather and one of my aunts had psoriasis as well, and my aunt was crippled with pain in her spine and died when she was only 64.

It is something that runs in families, but of course it wasn't picked up in earlier times.

That’s a good point!

Also I’ve been reading more about it and my nails started ridging last year too, I didn’t know this was a symptom too. Ironically, I’ve just had my nails done so no way will they be bare in time to see the Rheummy! D’oh!

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