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Has anyone used Helminthic therapy?


A friend has just given me a leaflet about Helminthic therapy or worm therapy for auto immune diseases. Has anybody tried it and did they have any success?

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I hope this is a leaflet from a reputable fully qualified medical institute? As being infected by a parasite doesn’t sound like something I’d want to try outside a 5* medical facility!

Ps....I’ve just looked it up and again sounds like something that could be very hopeful for the future, but nowhere near ready for reliable general use to my mind. Let us know if you find out more as could be interesting.

I feel like you about it and my friend certainly hadn’t tried it. May be it sorts out the leaky gut which many people seem to think triggers RA.

There has been some success with giving this to people with severe food allergies but sometimes with RA you will give anything a try just to get some relief. Good luck and tell us how it goes

Kalimera57 in reply to Birman4

I’m not very keen on trying it!


I’d never heard of it before your post but the above was interesting as it gave other references to info at the end, you may have already seen it x

Kalimera57 in reply to Kerensa21

Thanks for posting the link. It’s interesting but I can’t bring myself to try it. When I lived in Greece I the 70s some people would crush an insect and give it to their babies ‘to make them strong.’

Kerensa21 in reply to Kalimera57

Don’t think I would either tbh 😉 but interesting post, thanks x

Never heard of it before your post. Not sure I’d fancy it but nothing ventured nothing gained. Hope it’s successful for you if you try it but there again like most things what works for one will be useless for another. Keep us updated if you give it a go 😃

Kalimera57 in reply to Leics

I’m not sure I want to give it a go! I was hoping someone had tried it. Leaky gut is often a theory with RA so may be it would help.

Leics in reply to Kalimera57

Well I’m not sure I would pay for the privilege lol. Where did your friend get the leaflet from ? I’m sure he/she is trying to be helpful so maybe go together !! 😂

I haven't but I researched it and probably would have done were it not for the huge cost and lack of studies on RA.

I have no problem with the science but it's a vast amount of money to spend with no guarantee of outcome. There is quite a lot of documentary evidence for Crohns and other diseases, not so much with RA, although there are a few cases.

I started researching quite late, when I was already ill and taking Methotrexate. It's quite a lot of work to go down the helminth route and I felt overwhelmed by it all and worried that Methotrexate might compromise the effectiveness of the helminth treatment.

I'm now even further down the conventional route as I also take Rituximab and am feeling better than I have for quite a while.

Are you in the UK? John Scott is the guy over here. I'll attach some links you might want to read. I'll also include his site, in case you haven't already read it.




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