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normal sed rate and rheumatoid factor .. very high CRP

I have had an out of the blue flare of stiffness which moved to pain after 2 months I am currently in 40 mgs of Prednisone giving me about 15 hours of pain free days ... Polymyalgia ruled out by my GP ... still waiting for appt with Rheumatologist...never had arthritis before....any thoughts...very active 61 year old

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Did the GP do an anti-CCP blood test? That is better at indicating whether you might have an inflammatory disease. The rheumatoid factor isn't very precise as lots of false negatives.

But there are lots of similar things so you do need to get to see a specialist for a diagnosis. In the meantime be kind to yourself and keep a diary of symptoms.


Thanks very much for encouragement.. just anxious to get yo the root of the issue

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There are several forms of arthritis - some of which don't show up on the rheumatoid factor test eg psoriatic arthritis.

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