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Volunteers wanted in S.West for University of Bath study designing an app. that monitors RA disease progress


I'm a participant is this scheme and it's a great project. They're designing an app that uses digital tech (smart phone) to monitor disease activity in a way that will hopefully lead to quicker, more effective medical intervention when it's needed.

You just need to be able to get to Bath for a first meeting where you download the app. and are taught how to use it. At home you then take pictures of your hands and fill in the app. as required. Follow up meetings measure grip strength.

It's fascinating and I can see that it has huge potential. It's nice to be able to play a part in its development. There's no payment, but your travel is covered.

They need more participants so if anyone in the SW is interested, here's the link...


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Yes if you can promise I will feel normal

StormySeas in reply to New50

Everyone in the study group has RA so you’ll feel totally normal!

There was an app out that was collecting data from RA patients a while back that I did, ‘can anyone remember it’??? 🤗 x

StormySeas in reply to AngelMar

There are several apps. This is is different as it’s being trialled in conjunction with a hospital, and is being designed as an interface between patient and clinicians to specifically enable better, swifter treatment of flares.

I will certainly apply.

Brill, thanks. It's not at all scary or onerous and I'm finding it very interesting. The info about RA that forms part of the app is the best I've seen at describing RA. It's all written by medics at the U of Bath, which of course has on of the biggest banks of data on RA in the country. Everyone is working really hard to design something that might help patients both predict flare-ups and access treatment in between RH appointments.

Just applied. I’m looking forward to it. Anything that helps others and my own RA too must be good. I live in Portishead so it’s not far away.

sadly cant get there- live in Yorkshire

Thanks as well for letting people know.

I'm doing this study too. Interesting, not onerous and may be a big help eventually to those of us with RA.

Nice people running it.

I am also doing this Study. Really pleased to be part of this and just pleased to do anything that could help those of us already suffering with this horrible disease and those yet to be diagnosed.

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