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another medication question


I take arcoxia first thing in the morning and it takes hours to kick in..does anyone have experience taking it before going to sleep?

I take arcoxia 90 for pain.......

thank you

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I take mine at night as advised by my Rheumy. If you check back to your other Arcoxia question posted 5 days ago I explained why there.

grapefig in reply to nomoreheels

Thanks again. Yes i remembered your comments...perhaps i will try taking at night....i take tritace _(for bloodpressure) and losec in the morning....nothing at night...thanks for your input

Hi grapefig! When I used to take arcoxia, I started by taking it with my breakfast. However, when I started working early morning shifts (from 6am) I realized that this just doesn't work for me, because even if I had breakfast at 6am and took my arcoxia then, I would be stiff up till 8am at best, which made typing super difficult. Then I switched to taking it with my dinner (because it's not too good to take it on an empty stomach) and that did help me in the morning. I would still wake up with a tiny bit of stiffness but not much pain and they went away pretty quickly by themselves. To sum up, my experience of taking it in the evening proved more efficient and helpful than taking it in the morning.

grapefig in reply to anastasia43

thank you so much for this reply

grapefig in reply to anastasia43

A question....i took my arcoxia at 7 am znd want to switch to taking it at night which would be less thzn 24 hours.....will this be ok.....?appreciate your input

anastasia43 in reply to grapefig

Sorry, I don't have an answer to this question, it's best to ask a nurse/doctor. Personally in my case I would wait to make sure 24 hours have passed, but that's because I would be okay with it physically.

grapefig in reply to anastasia43


Hi I was taking it on a night and it did help me a lot .

grapefig in reply to Angels54

thank you I am going to try after 24 days clear

I was advised to take it after dinner for it may help my sleep.

grapefig in reply to RA2018

I seem to sleep ok but it helps to take at night for the morning pain..thanks

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