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Is it the extreme cold causing my muscular pains?

Until now, I have not seen a clear correlation between the weather and my RA symptoms. However, woke this morning with the worst ever muscular type stiffness / aching throughout lower back , both legs and both arms. Coming downstairs ( after slow start staying under the duvet to keep warm) it was so tricky to make it down each step. Just like my body was a stiff board.

Struggled out on a dog walk as I know the answer is to keep moving but interesting that it is so cold and my stiffness is at it’s worst!

Think I will stay indoors and in the warm and gently go about my household chores to keep me moving today! Hope others aren’t suffering like this too.

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Think it must be. I took 20 minutes to de ice my car yesterday and this morning my hands feel the worst they have felt in the three years since I first saw my rheumatologist and was given steroids and hydroxychloroquine. My lower back / buttocks always tend to be stiff so that creaminess doesn’t come as a surprise, but my hands are a big pain. I was just coming on here to ask if others were finding the same when I saw your post! So looks like the answer is ‘Yes’.


Yes it gets into my osteo hip which does not like cold and sets off sciatica. It affects my RA knee badly too. Normally I don't suffer in this way unless it goes sub zero. Keep very warm with heat pads to your painful areas and try moving all you can with your dog walks wrapped up very warm and self massaging gently to the stiff seizes joints once back home. Keep the blood flowing and oxygen moving round them. Hurry up Spring! x


Absolutely the cold weather plays havoc I’ve noticed that it gets worse if it’s going to rain as well. My legs are freezing can’t warm them no matter what I try but burning inside too. I’m with you it makes a difference if it gets too cold or hot. The only thing I can do is try and keep moving (not easy) pace yourself and try not to just stay under the duvet because it sets off fatigue as well. Roll on spring eh🤪


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