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Update on Chondrocalcinosis diagnosis/2nd opinion

As Mmrr kindly told me more about the Chondrocalcinosis and after I investigated on german sites a little as well I found someone on a forum who got diagnosed with it by a rheumatologist about 2 hours drive away from where I now live. He apparently also gave good treatment advise and I was wondering about trying to go there for a second opinion.

I googled his name to find out how o best contact him only to find out he also works at a teaching hospital nearer me (good half hour by car and in the city my husband works in) and on their website he has his email address so I send him a quick mail. I told him a very (!) short version of my journey and asked how best to go about seeing him and how long wait times would be while mentioning that I am used to long waits as had to often wait a year due to postponed and cancelled appointments.

Well, I wasn't too hopeful for a quick answer but barely an hour after I got a short but very friendly reply, advising me to contact his secretary on Monday as she was off until then, provided her number, and told me with an implied (or certainly perceived) wink that it should be possible to see me in less than a year waiting time.

So in all not that much to tell, but for some reason this made me feel a lot more cheerful and I'm looking forward to ringing on Monday to see just how long 'under a year' is.

Thanks again to Mmrr for nudging me in the right direction and to all who encouraged me to stay on the site with you all! Have a good and pain-free weekend!

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Finding someone who is an acknowledged specialist and who understands your issues would raise anyone's spirits. I hope you enjoy a good weekend and a productive phone call on Monday. I'm so glad you decided to stay and that Mmrr could help. Hugs



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