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PIP update

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What an absolute joke I have had a copy of assessment,made interesting reading.Had award notice this morning,Standard Daily Living,Advanced Mobility.My Wife has to help me in and out of shower.I use a long handled brush to wash legs and feet.I was awarded 1 point.If I was not helped in to shower I could not use brush.so I should have been given 2 points,which would have given me 12 points.They made sure I had 11points.This is just one instance.I posted before about 2 Home Visits Capita failed to keep.I was forced to go to Assessment centre.It makes you feel like a second class citizen.I shall appeal.Watch this space.

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Hi baky sorry to hear this seems to be happening a lot it makes you wonder if it is a ploy or a way for cutbacks .it puts people in a tricky situation so it does .good luck for wot ever decision you make

So sorry Backy; I had shocking esa one, sent for copy of report and applied for mandatory reconsideration successfully: assessors report discredited (bunch of lies) but now have to have another assessment. You couldn’t make it up could you? I would say go for MR but why they have to make life so stressful for vulnerable people I do not know. I have worked all my life, have 45 years of contributions yet you’re made to feel like deceitful charity case. Utterly demeaning. Good luck with yours, chin up xxx

Are you saying that the assessor's report had some, ahem, untruths in it, by which if there weren't you think you might have been awarded enhanced for Daily Living as well as Mobility? If so & you can provide further medical evidence to disprove them (other than has already been provided) then I would definitely recommend applying for Mandatory Reconsideration. When I first applied for PIP I was awarded Enhanced Daily Living but was a couple of points short of standard Mobility, my thinking was it was because I had no medical evidence of my walking difficulties at the time as my Rheumy hadn't examined my feet & so hadn't referred me further at the time. I had no option but to try & expand further in my MR but because I had no medical evidence my award stood. Had my PIP assessment been 2 months on I'd have had plenty of evidence as she did eventually examine my feet & refer me but of course you only have one month from the decision date to apply. I wouldn't have known she'd examined my feet either had I requested deferral, or even if they'd have let me defer it for a further month.

I had my PIP review earlier in the year & of course this time was able to supply medical evidence of my walking issues, including the accompanying letter when I received my Blue Badge, awarded independently of not receiving Mobility at my initial PIP. This time I was awarded Enhanced for both, just one point over for Mobility but it was a very important one point considering I was a couple of points short for receiving standard on my first PIP claim. This is why I think it's important you supply the DWP with any medical evidence, it can make the difference, even though we don't swing the lead it does seem that we're not believed & our medical teams are, or more likely to be believed!

All the best Backy, whatever you decide to do.

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Backy in reply to nomoreheels

They used evidence from 2011 OT report,my RA has changed since then,my OT is willing to give up to date report but DWP did not ask,I shall do it myself also did not contact my GP.Evidence was taken from Rhumy clinic reports,which does not state how RA makes you feel in general,including mentally.

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nomoreheels in reply to Backy

It's important you supply them with up to date medical reports or any other information from the teams who look after your RD & other relevant conditions, it says this in the info sheet supplied with your form. So collate as many as you can, ask for an extension if needed. Don't rely on them contacting anyone, they do say they may but they don't always do this.

Backy, I too supply lots of medical evidence, rheumatology letters, results of scans, bloods, physio letters etc. I referred to the letters when they asked me questions about what I could do. It's awful that we need to do this, but I think it helps.

I have just atrended my pip f2f assessment thurs after telling dwp change of circs as "diagnosed" RA & COPD. I came away feeling same as last time. Deflated/not believed/a fraud. & know the report wil be lies like last time. I only just manage to work part time at mo & feel this is the game changer. Dwp presume i work so nothing wrong. But i have to endure the pain to be able pay bills! Then come home & sleep due to fatigue. I would go for MR if i were you. (Its not pleasant but we have to fight for our disease). These idiots cant "see" the pain/fatigue we endure daily. Good luck its an awful journey we are on.

I wasn’t awarded anything but following the appeal I received the lower tier.

Sorry to hear about this Backy, but the PIP award is just a joke. I went for an assessment nearly three years ago. I already had the higher rate of mobility in DLA at the time and the lower rate of Daily Living. Since then I had lost my hearing completely in one ear and had difficulty hearing where there was any background noise. I need help with getting in and out of the bath. My mobilty was much worse and I can't walk more than a few yards and have to be in a wheelchair or scooter most of the time.

When the award came through I had been given the standard rate of both which I felt was very unfair and when I read through the assessment, I was horrified at all the rubbish that had been written. For my hearing, it said that I didn't wear a hearing aid, so I must be able to hear. The reason why I don't wear one is because a hearing aid only amplifies what hearing you may have left in your ear and if you have no hearing there at all, then it won't help you. It also said that I watched TV so I must be able to hear that. It didn't say that I have to have the subtitles on when I watch it. As for getting in and out of the bath it said that as my grip (just pulling on his two fingers) was good, then I must be able to get in and out of the bath. It didn't take into consideration that I can't bend my knees and back properly and my balance is poor so I need help to have a bath.

I appealed about the decision and had to go for another assessment. This time I wore my hearing aid even though it doesn't help and I was awarded points for that. In the end I was given the higher rate of care, but still given the standard rate for mobility. I asked about that as I am so much worse now that I was when I was on the higher rate of DLA. I was told that as I am now over 65, it can't be changed from what it was when I turned 65. When I was given that award it was just before my 65th birthday so I think that I was given that just before I was 65 because they knew that I wouldn't have the time to get it changed. It niggles me to see people who are much more mobile than I am and they are getting the higher rate of mobility and I am not.

Sorry for such a long post, but I thought you would be interested to hear it all.

hi before you appeal there should be a section on the rejection letter which says would you like us to look at your claim again. I just filled that in and basically questioned everything that the assessor had wrote.I also asked if they had even spoken to my consultant. I fully expected to have to appeal but less than 2 weeks later i had been awarded pip and the backdated money paid to me. I was absolutely fuming when i was turned down as the assessor came bang in the middle of a bad 3 week flare up. She reckoned i could walk 200 hundred yards, i wish. They have no idea.

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KMC15 in reply to esmae27

Esmae27 Well done you for taking them on. I had to endure a panel at court for my appeal last year which was soooo stressful i came home & ended up in bed with a bad flare up due to the stress. I may consider what you did instead as really couldnt go thru court again.

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