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A good exhaustion !


I have signed up for all kinds of volunteer activities recently. Last night was one of those evenings. The hot topic being the overdose crisis affecting our communities. Specifically my role was proving a chronic pain , illness perspective. How frustrating it is for patients as well as doctors. The doctors are responding to pressure from governing bodies but the solution is not to deny patients treatment. The risk is that people will self medicate and risk overdose as a result. There were five other people on the panel from other perspectives as well. It was incredibly informative .

What I had not anticipated was how exhausting it would be. I forget how tiring it can be to be in public. I also forgot how isolating illness can become. I cannot remember seeing anyone but doctors , nurses , pharmacist Ext. Now I need to do something that has nothing to do with illness. We seem to be so consumed with it. I am more than my condition lol 😂

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Good for you offering your time and experience. Good for the community and for yourself. I hope you find just the thing non illness related.

Yes you are so much more than your condition👍

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