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Hip Revision Surgery


Following on from my previous post my surgery went ahead on the 5th. It all went well and I was discharged and home on Saturday 8th. I’ve been recovering at home since and I’m doing ok. After a discussion with the anaesthetist about my previous experiences with general we decided a spinal injection with no sedation was the best option. So I was awake and aware of what was going on during the 2 hour operation, but thankfully I dosed through some of it. It was certainly an experience, especially when they started what felt like hammering! My recovery was much better and I’m so glad I went down the non sedation route. Having had my original hip done at Nuffield Orthopaedic in Oxford and this revision in Colchester General if/when I need my right one revised I will definitely have it done in Oxford. The operation aftercare was definitely better in Oxford and the hospital itself is much nicer. They will also be unlikely to cancel surgery as orthopaedics is all they do.

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Thanks Ruth for the update. So pleased you weren't cancelled again and it appears to have gone well. Make the most of your recovery time. Onwards and upwards, all the very best and take care. X

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