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Newby question


Hi there - been diagnosed a couple of years and taking methx. Can I ask - should I still be getting extreme side effects the whole time? As well as the 2 day brain fog I have chronic gastric/stomach problems and can struggle to keep food down. Anti-nausea meds don't help. I feel like I give myself gastric flu once a week, and just about recover before it starts again...

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Hiya Creakycat, welcome. In my view it's not acceptable to have such issues with MTX after so long. Three things occur to me... are you still on tablets? If so then suggest to your Rheumy you change to injections, many people do better on them & you can often reduce the dose slightly as it's bioavailability is better. What dose of folic acid are you on? If it's anything less than 5mg 6 x weekly then ask if it can be increased, they're meant to lessen side effects. Do you increase the amount of water you drink around MTX time? If not do try, it lessens the toxic effects of MTX on the liver & kidneys. Oh, & one more. If you drink alcohol try to reduce it & try not to drink it at all on MTX day.

If none of this helps or you doing all of them I think it's time to question if it's for you. Even if MTX is working well for you there's to be a happy balance of acceptability needed.

Thanks for the welcome. Am on injections. Probably not geeting enough water on methx days as tend to throw up everything! Am due to see my Rheumy soon so will raise with him.

Worth having a look at the NRAS website for the other options for treatment I think! Then you can discuss the options sensibly with your medical team without them feeling that you are being difficult.

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