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  • Hi Pat, what you describe is what I'm like when my SI joint in the lower back/pelvis flare. I had terrible problems with what I thought was my hip, but a surgeon due to do a hip replacement found it was actually my SI joints and lower back causing the pain and not my hip.

    Sadly there's nothing I can do when it flares except dose up on painkillers (Tramadol and Nefopam) and rest, it might be worth asking your doctor/consultant to send you for xray/scans of your lower back/pelvis to find out exactly what and where is causing your pain.

    Hope you feel better soon.

    Beth xx

  • Hi BETH

    What was worse for you sitting or standing, I cant get comfortable.What are SI JOINTS,Its just as you describe Beth, thank you for that ,will take your very good advise.


  • Hi again Pat, for me this type of flare lasts couple of weeks, also feeling very sorry for myself, and unable to concentrate on anything due to the painkillers.

    I found laying on the sofa (so I could watch TV and use the loo as I have a downstairs toilet) with a stiff board under my back and a few pillows supporting my head, neck was most comfortable, because I was so doped up on painkillers I was able to get some painkiller induced sleep... Be warned though trying to get back us is absolute agony.

    Beth x

  • I can echo all of this as with Beth58, I have episodes of Sacro-Iliac inflammation. I also thought it was my rt. hip, had MRI of hips, xrays of hips, apparantly by putting symptoms and results together, it was decided it was the SI joint. It gets inflammed, it narrows, pinches the Sciatic nerve passing through it to the legs, thus creating all those others problems. It is difficult for me to get up from laying down. I am better in the reclining chair, packed with pillows under my knees and my neck.

    Alternating ice paks in a damp towel, and an hour later, using the heating pad, does seem to help alot. Good luck, L.xx

  • Hi there,

    Just a thought and do consider carefully but are you sure it's an RA flare rather than having done something else to that bit of your back? The link Beth gave is v useful, and suggests that there are other possible reasons. Which is exactly what I had over last few weeks. Couldn't move at all and stuck either standing or lying down - and was slowly getting worse. As Beth says it was also agony getting from one to another. But after a lot of mm'ing and ahh'ing I took myself off to an osteopath and paid £35 for her to look at me. V nervous as I didn't want anyone messing with an inflammed joint but she was sure it wasn't RA in this case. So tweaked me about, and 2 days later I was fine! (The day after was horrid tho'). I think what I had done was put my back out of alignment carrying things awkwardly because of the RA.

    But do be sure it isn't an RA flare first, and may be worth asking if you can get an x-ray to check first. Polly

  • Hello Polly im not sure what it is I am suffering from, got up Friday and found it difficult to get out of bed Also alot of pain in my thigh,terrific pain gettin up and sitting down,struggled to get dressed Putting on trousers,socks couldnt do It.But I dont have a problem walking which I found strange,will continue with the pain killers,and hope it goes as fast as it came.Will see doc if no improvement.

    thank you Polly and Beth for your helpful advice.

    Pat x

  • Hi, last year I started having problems with sciatica, unbearable pain in my right buttock/hip/knee/shin/ankle - plus it felt like the muscles were going into a spasm, when I stood up, but pain eased off eventually when I sat down. I was given acupuncture plus tramadol by the hospital. The pain is not so intense now but it is a year on and think improvement is just down to Tramadol. x-rays showed that my hips were actually ok so therefore mine must be down to the various nerves running through my leg and not RA. I cannot stand or walk for very long and do suffer considerable pain when I stand up (I try not to sit down for too long as I get stiff ).

    One thing I have found helps me is when I am sitting down lean forward resting my chest on my legs with my arms hanging down and completely relax for a few seconds. I was told to try this by the physio at the hospital but was also told that if it hurt (i.e. first thing in the morning) try again later in the day.

    I also find I can ease my back a little bit when out shopping if I can lean across the shopping trolly for a few seconds (must look a sight) but as I am usually with my husband or daughter we just chat and hopefully look as though we are having a converstion! (I hope).


  • Hi Judii

    Tried your pysio exercise my leg is stil quite painful when i sit .The groin and thigh

    area ache and my right buttock,Getting in a comfortable position is still a problem,still early days yet.but i will keep trying the exersice Getting up and down also a prob,but i can walk about ok.thats a blessing.Thankyou for your info,will try the trolley when theres know one looking,but hey who cars if it does the trick.

    pat x

  • have you been referred to a pain team I suffered with pain in lower back and had some injections which helped and now I am going to have nerve ablation next week Worth a try

  • Kath

    i am in between appointments seen consultant ,got appointment for ultra sound scans on my feet hands and anklles ,hadnt got this problem .but i will tell them about it when i go.thanks for your advice kath much appreciated .will let you know how i go on .

    Pat x

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