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Hi everyone, I've been on holidays :) ... that made confirm that, even though my RA can intensify buy stress, it's there... I had good days, fortunately, but also very bad days.

The thing is that on my last appt with the rheumy, he insisted that my elbow pain was tendon related and not caused by arthritis. I wonder if any of you experienced this kind of pain (it happens also in my right wrist).

I wish you all a pain-free weekend ;)


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I suffer from psoriatic arthritis, so tendinitis is pretty much part and parcel of the disease.

Hi cpetry, tenosynovitis is a common problem that exists with RA - it’s the bane of my life. I find physio or hand therapy (depending upon location of pain) to be very helpful, hope you can get it sorted, cheers Deb :)

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