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Raised anti-CCP levels, doc wants to check vitamin D. Why?


So I've been feeling incredibly tired and wiped out recently, and had a few mild joint pains. When I mentioned it to my GP she said it's worth checking RF, ESR, ANA and anti-CCP. Everything was normal except the anti-CCP which was raised.

My GP has advised I have it checked again in a month and also to check my Vitamin D levels. Why is this?

Worth noting I was diagnosed with a Vitamin D deficiency in April which has been since treated. Do you think its possible that he's just testing my level to see if I'm no longer deficient and it has nothing to do with the anti-ccp at all or are they related?

Thank you for your help! :)

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As you say, the doc probably wants to check that Vit D deficiency has been resolved as otherwise it could be a reason for you feeling wiped out.

If it is normal, the the doc will need to consider whether the anti-CCP result means anything. It could be a red herring, especially as your other results are normal, as a positive anti-CCP is not totally specific to having inflammatory arthritis. Or it could be an early indicator. But it sounds as if your doc is on the case....

Hobbits in reply to helixhelix

This exactly! I was just about to post but HelixHelix said it all.

Its also worth bearing in mind that there are varying views among the medical profession about what constitutes a normal Vit D level. My ESR and CRP levels remained stubbornly high even though I felt much better after a couple of years on biologics. However, in December I tested positive for severe VitD deficiency and treating that has brought down my levels a considerable amount, although not been tested recently as they've decided to move me to 6 month blood tests because of the improvement. As others have said, your GP is probably just taking into account the previous issue and the Anti-CCP levels to see if anything needs to be done.

So is it possible the anti-CCP levels can be high because of a Vitamin D deficiency and they will go down if that is treated? Or can that not cause the levels to be raised? Thanks

Anything's possible I suspect that may be why your GP is testing again, but obviously I'm not medically qualified to say. All I know is that my ESR and CRP dropped substantially after starting VitD supplementation and therefore must have been the cause of why the levels had stayed stubbornly high compared to how I felt the medication was working. My then Rheumy was threatening to change the biologics because he claimed it wasn't working even though all evidence relating to visible inflammation and the joints, and how I felt, suggested otherwise.

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