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I am going to Spain soon is it ok to take all meds with me? are there any i cannot take?

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Hi mogs I would take a letter from your GP and Rheumatologist if on any injections just in case you get stopped at customs and a cool bag for your injections, I've never had any problems but you never know better to be prepared xxx


Hi, I agree with popsmith1874, a stamped/signed letter from Rheumatologist, stating which medications you’re taking, is really important.

I’ve never had any problems when travelling back to the UK to visit Family.

Also the pharmacies, doctors & general healthcare over here is excellent...don’t forget your E.H.I.C card!

Have a great’s mighty hot here at the moment!! 😎🌝🌞

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Hi Mogs I travel to Spain a lot and have never been stopped with my medication but make sure you have a letter from GP and a copy of you script just incase, I have been to a lot of places even USA and never been stopped X

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No, no prescription meds you can't take. I always take the whole packet, for two reasons, if I'm delayed coming home, from example my h had a 3 week stay in hospital & had I not I'd have run out, & also I can present the box to a pharmacist to purchase more if necessary. Always put in hand luggage, take a copy of your repeat script too, & if you're carrying injections a letter from your GP explaining what they're for just in case it's questioned. This is for if you're flying, if you're driving there's no need as you're not checked or go through X-ray machines etc.

We've used a Frio cooling wallet successfully for injections which have to b kept at low temp. A small sharps box doesn't take up much room either.

Happy hols.

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I go to Portugal quite a lot. I take them in my hand luggage with a copy of my prescription. Never had any problems at all - I take injections and tablets.


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