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Does anyone else have Vitiligo

I have had Vitiligo since I was a child and wondered if there was a link to RA as after watching a BBC Three program on Vitiligo I found it was also another immune system fault.

On a plus side it hasn't got much worse since being on the RA dmards.

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I don’t have vitiligo (‘just’ RA), but my dad does and I’ve often wondered if there was any kind of genetic link between the two.

There are some studies into patients with concurrent RA / vitiligo and other autoimmune diseases as it is reasonably well known that some patients seem to ‘collect’ autoimmune conditions.

As an aside, shouldn’t you now change your username? 😉

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Thanks for your reply and thanks for making me smile.

I've used the name and email since 1997 when I thought it was the only chance of seeing Premier & Stoke City together😆, it's back to its original meaning now😋

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As a Coventry fan I can only sympathise, the feeling of relegation has become all too familiar in recent years. However when we beat you in the FA cup this year it was, perhaps, a sign that you weren’t having the best season.

Hope to play you again soon (preferably when we come up to your level rather than the other way around!)


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Congrats on your promotion🏆

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Cheers! Was a good day out at Wembley I have to say. First promotion for 50 years or so, even I can’t remember the last one.

Funny to think Sunderland were playing Man City et al a couple years ago, and now they get to visit the mighty Sky Blues instead.

Maybe see you next year 🙏🏻 although good luck on bouncing back. Longer we stayed in the championship the worse it got for us.

Please beat villa. 😂


Anyway, back to the topic of the thread, ahem.

Have you found that your RA meds have had any impact on the vitiligo?

All I really know about it in my dad’s case is he has a few patches on his hands. Don’t think he’s ever been medicated for it or treated in any way.

He also has Pernicious Anaemia, another autoimmune disease. You’ve got to wonder...


The RA meds have definitely helped, some patches have gone, but unfortunately not all🙄😏

What about your dad?


Like I say I’m not aware of him ever receiving any treatment for it, and as far as I know and can remember he’s always had the same patches on his hands.

Don’t think it’s got worse for years, but then he’s not the most conversational chap in the world!


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