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Jolting joints?

I've had shoulder problems for a number of years. More recently I've been experiencing sudden involuntary painful jolts in my shoulder joints. Similar to when your body physically jumps awake when you dream your falling and about to hit the floor, but these are confined to my shoulders and happen solely when I'm dropping off to sleep...weird innit! The pain is a sharp nerve type pain that certainly snaps me out of slumber.

I'm wondering what the cause is? The jolts do seem more severe since my RA has worsened over the last few months, so I suspect it might be due to increased inflammation somehow affecting the nerves? I'd be surprised if my shoulder joints have not deteriorated over the years as well, so perhaps it's related to that?

Any thoughts are most welcome.

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Hi Wishbone, I really can' t answer your questions. I just wanted to write that I too get the jolts but I have experienced them for many years. First time I remember them was many, many years ago in my 20s. I still get them on occassion. I could have a few and then go years without another one. They are quite shocking when it happens but its very quick and leaves no residual pain so after all these years I don't take much notice of them. I did ask my doctor once a she said maybe its a pinched nerve. I didn't pursue it any further. Unlike you, I have not noticed them becoming more frequent since RA has developed. Hope you find an answer. Best wishes


HI beccab,

I had a similar jolts a few years back, but they were mainly in my legs. The current ones are nowhere near as frequent but are more painful when they do happen. I was told by a doc back then that they were probably due to taking opiates. I wasn't convinced by that, but like you I didn't pursue it any further...they gradually ceased not long after anyway. That episode also occurred when my inflammation levels were high, much higher than they are now. So I tend to think it's more to do with inflammation affecting the nerves than it is with opiates.

Anyway, except for disturbing my much needed beauty sleep, they are no big deal and I was more curious as to what the cause could be than anything else.

Thanks for replying... with no one responding I was beginning to think I was some sort of freaky anomaly! :-)

Take care


No, you're not a freeky anomaly :) As far as the cause being opioid, my "jolts" were definitely not caused by opioids. I'm not sure if I ever took opioids (maybe with a tooth extraction) at least until 2015 when I had my hip and knee replaced but the jolts didn't increase then. Here's hoping you get some relief and some sleep.





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