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Just popped my first methotrexate pills today

Thank you all who responded to my “what to expect at my first visit to rheumatologist” post. It went well and my blood tests/exam quickly led to a diagnosis of RA.

He gave me a months worth of prednisone (10mg/day) and a weekly dose of methotrexate of 10mg. Plus 1000micograms folic acid a day (except mtx days of course).

I also have MS, so I am kinda numb at having another diagnosis. I’m not on DMT for my MS right now. Waiting to see what my next MRI looks like.

I am happy to hopefully get some pain relief.

About me: 40 year old female with an amazingly supportive husband and an adorable almost 3y old little boy. I work from home and live in Kentucky, USA.

Looking forward to getting and giving support!

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Aww bless you darling its not fun to have ra,but you have ms as well and a lively 3yr old as well i bet. Your rheumy is sorting you out quickly and seems on the ball. The mtx will take upto 12 weeks for you to really feel it effects darling.xxxx


Thanks, looking forward to getting relief!

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Dear Qt514girl I am so glad you have started your treatment & I really hope you get some pain relief. I hope that you stay as well as possible for your wee boy, ( has he reached the terrible two's)? MS should have been more than enough!! Unfortunately Autoimmune Disease is uncaring & mean & I am so glad that you have an amazingly supportive husband & an adorable little boy. I really hope the treatment is Positive!! Thinking of you Pixiewixie xx

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Thank you! I am truly lucky to have my little family :)

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