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What are they talking about

Hello I'm trying to find some answer I have a friend,something is wrong but he don't think so when he talk or text sometimes his word and sentenced don't make sense and he always puting word's in my mouth and finishing my sentence for me the words just don't fit or go with what we're talking about

A friend trying to find answer to what going on with a friend help me if you can

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It sounds like he should get checked out by a doctor.

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You must persuade hi to see a doctor.....he obviously has a problem.


Hi Dana - There could be many causes for what your friend is experiencing. It could be RA, medications, Sjogrens, or one of a hundred other things, or nothing related to any of that at all. Some conditions can cause what is called a brain fog and that can interfere with thought processes and completion.

The field and your question are hugely broad unfortunately, and that is the reason that none of us can really help with this. But please encourage him to get to a doctor. Best of luck and let us know what he decides to do?

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“Dysphasia” for spoken word, perhaps predictive text errors for typed, I’m guilty of a good few of those!

Dysphasia is more commonly associated with neurological diseases than Autoimmune, also common after strokes, has he had a previous stroke?


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