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Blood results and first rheumatology appointment

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Hi I am wondering what this could mean? Not really been told very much from doctor, other than platelet count low at 105 and crp came above range at 39mg/l. Reading on one this could be some of the results that suggest rheumatoid , is this true or what else could it be?

They have referred me to see a rheumatologist on Monday so has only been a week since my blood results came back,.

What sort of things do I need to ask or what info should I gather up to tell them?

I don’t know what they are thinking it is.

I just has swelling and stiff joints along with fever (on and off for 3 weeks) in knees / hands feet and ankles. They put me on naproxen while I awaited an appointment.

Now I have an appointment the swelling has gone down would this matter?

I also have hypothyroidism and psoriasis which I don’t know if would be linked?

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There are a range of rheumatic diseases. Could be psoriatic arthritis since you have psoriasis. However, I'm not a doc do don't know.

Good you are seeing rheumatology. Brilliant you have been referred quickly! Some folks wait forever to see a specialist.

Definitely tell them about the skin issues and joint problems. If it were me I'd stop the naproxen until after appointment, but that's up to you and how much pain you are in. Taking photos if any swelling is a good idea.

Hooe all goes well.

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Thank you for your response.

I just have no idea what has started it. And with them getting me in so suddenly too. I tried to get an appointment a bit further away but the next one wasn’t until the end of June. ( just due to childcare) but really need to get sorted so keeping this one. It also bothers me that the swelling has gone down a lot, but still have joint pain and aches just not as bad. So wonder if they can actually do anything when it isn’t flaring up. Or if they will just send me away as if nothing is wrong.

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The swelling has probably gone down because of naproxen, that's why I suggested stopping it until you see rheumatologist. They won't just go by swelling, they will take into consideration blood tests and what you tell them. They may also order xrays.

Try not to worry too much until you have seen them.

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It is V G that they are getting you in v soon. Don't put it back if you can help it! If your condition is on the RA spectrum, intervention a.s.a.p. is recommended. Ask yr surgery if you can have a telephone consultation with yr GP, which is usually v much quicker than regular appt., then you can ask him/her about the Naproxen. For info. you can also ask the opinion of a GOOD pharmacist (tho Dr Advice is 1st choice). Good luck.

Not long to wait thank goodness, thanks for your reply. Will hope for the best

Hiya Aabbcca. Until you see your Rheumy & he's either checked or retested your bloods, taken imaging & given you a full joint examination you won't be any clearer than us at guessing what's causing your symptoms I'm afraid. It's good you've reported your symptoms early & also have a Rheumy appointment so soon. It's not that we can't help, well not until you have a diagnosis then we can share our experiences. We're not medically trained you see, we're just people with autoimmune conditions, RD (or RA), PsA & such. You having psoriasis may lead to Psoriatic Arthritis, though it's not a given. You already have one autoimmune disease, hypothyroidism. Once we're diagnosed with one we do have a tendency to collect others.

Maybe having a read through these 6 steps will help

So, best underwear on! If you can it would be helpful if someone close to you accompanies you to your diagnostic appointment, & other reviews after if possible. You can write any questions you have down, try to make it a bullet point list then if he wants to your Rheumy can read through it easily.

The reason your inflammation has dampened down will be the naproxen. It's an NSAID (nonsteroidal anti inflammatory drug). It's doing what it should but really you need to be seen at your diagnostic appointment at your worst, ie with inflammation & associated pain to be diagnosed. That way it gives a clearer picture of how things are & from that your treatment plan & doses can be more accurate if you do receive a diagnosis. When I was referred my GP had prescribed me a pain killer & NSAID with the instruction I stopped both a few days before my appointment for the same reason. Do try though to take pics of any inflammation though, just in case your body is behaving itself on the day.

If there's anything else we can help with preparing for your appointment just ask. We've lots of info & experience between us.

Write down all your symptoms and all the pain you get and where. Take a recorder with you as you will never remember everything what is said to you also take someone with you as well and have them come into see the consultant with you. Best of luck.xxxx

Thank you all for your advice. I have been writing everything down and yes that’s a good idea to take a recorder with me, as ion the past for other things I have forgotten what they have said!

I also have a couple of photos of my knees when it was at its worst, so will take those with me.

I won’t take any more naproxen until i have seen him.

Will update when I know anything 😊

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Don't forget to ask if it's Ok to use recorder. :)

And if you put 'first appointment' in the search box you will find lots of replies to the question about first appointments!

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