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I am now off MTX as it was not helping and side effects were unbearable. I consented to a third dose of Rituxan in February but will not agree to any more.

I have been trying an endless array of drugs for three years in July. So enough is enough. The oil vaporizer is the only drug I intend to continue. It is very frustrating. I feel like a lab experiment. I accept that I was undiagnosed for many years therefor very drug resistant but why continue to give them to me?.

I love my Rheumatologist but not enough to continue taking these drugs.

I have completely changed diet, lifestyle and excessive. Mostly walking as I can do little else. My fear is my “health care providers” and not this condition. Not certain where to turn. So waiting for the next crisis ! Developing a twisted sense of humour but it works for me. Now that I refuse opiates, Biologics and DMARD’s I have no need for doctors. I already said I would not do any form of surgery so little left to do but wait.

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Has Rituximab done very little for you? It has been the only thing that has worked properly for me in six years. It took four years to get me properly stable so I hope your rheumatologist could suggest something else for you, but you seem to have already made your decision. Maybe in time you will try something else as I would never want to go back to the days of immobility and pain that I had. I wish you well and hope you remain stable.