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Mental health PTSD


When claiming pip it’s tricky , don’t give up is the main key , take it to the full tribunal and take a deep breathe , in my case I suffered a RTA in 2015 which caused PTSD from the accident although not evident to start with , but about a year later with almost dia consequences to my life , my life feel apart in my head , on to angermanagement 9 months to find I was abused as a child long story,anyway ptsd from that ontop of the trauma from the accident .anyway I am now on mobility and standard pip . Remember you don’t have to be physically disabled , but mental impaired , as some silly doctor once said to me it’s all in the head.

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Thank you for your encouragement, I'm just waiting for the date for my own tribunal x

Qm47 in reply to AnneField

Good luck lady

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