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Elbow pain

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I’m a little confused at the moment and hoping someone can help.

I have had elbow pain for some time and it locks and gets stuck i also can’t straighten it completely.

A ct scan showed it is the RA that has caused the damage and the pain.

But my last DAS score was low as my blood tests are always normal regardless of obvious inflammation. When i did mention it at a rheumatology appointment the nurse said she didn’t think my elbow pain was RA related.

And if the RA is wreaking havoc in my elbow does that mean the medication i take isn’t working????

Am waiting to for a date to have my elbow cleaned out.



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it could be arthritis

An ultrasound scan of the elbow might help to establish whether you have continuing synovitis due to uncontrolled RD despite normal blood tests (as that can happen). But this scenario doesn't sound very likely unless you have other painful joints?

But it is unlikely to be very helpful in deciding what treatment to give you.

A single joint problem is more likely to be a combination of some old injury plus some arthritis (more likely to be OA than RD). And treatment needs to be directed at that joint if you haven't any other joints affected currently.

My own option would be to go for having it 'cleaned out' and hopefully that will get rid of any little bits of cartilage that are getting in the way of the smooth operation of the joint and causing the locking.

My husband has had that done - the first one wasn't successful but the second time has been brilliant and he hasn't had any locking since.

It is both elbows just the right was painful for a while and i thought is was just that one but the left one is now painful too and locking up. They said they would clean the joint and remove the floating cartilage out and eventually an elbow replacement but i’m too young for that at the moment apparently!!

Wait and see what rheumatology say when i next go.

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