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Rheumatoid Arthritis

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My name is Hajar I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis back in 2015 but it start kicking years before I’m on biologic now Cimzia and hydroxychloquine

12 Replies
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Nice to see you here Hajar. It's a lovely site and people ate so helpful if you have questions x

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hajo in reply to allanah

Nice to see too

thank you

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allanah in reply to hajo

Is your RA under control??

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hajo in reply to allanah

Not yet I started with MTX for almost a year but I couldn’t tolerate it suffered nausea and sickness and now trying Cimzia

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allanah in reply to hajo

Good luck. Hope it helps x

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Welcome Hajar, I hope your Cimzia and hydroxychloquine and getting/keeping your RA under control.

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hajo in reply to premierscfc

Not yet I’m due next Month to have review about how Cimzia worked for me or not but I still got flares time to time

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How are you getting on with the Cimzia, do you feel like it's working for you?

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hajo in reply to AmyDee207

Cimzia was at first good as my inflammation gone down was when I started 13 gone down to 3 which good but still getting the flares specially with cold weather

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Welcome to the forum , we are all a friendly bunch who help each other out and pick each other up when we are down, hope your treatments working for you just now xxx

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Hi Hajo welcome to the forum this a fantastic site that has so many great people who are all willing to help - I myself had been diagnosed 2 years ago but still not under control.

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Hi Hajo and welcome. I wish you hadn't had to join us but you've found a forum filled with lovely, helpful and friendly folk happy to share experiences and information. Wishing you well.


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