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Biologic update

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I had the flare up from hell over Christmas and really appreciated talking on here. Just to update - I started Benepali almost 3 weeks ago. Oh my- what a difference already!!! I now have movement in all joints and feel so much better.

Once again thank you to everyone for your support.

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That's great keep up the good health xxx

Very nice to hear. Really pleased you are doing well.


Great news 😘

Good news. Thanks. Long may it last. ☺

That sounds like good stuff! Hope it continues to work well for you.

Excellent news! I know from experience that Enbrel (what many people were given prior to Benepali) that it worked for me within a few hours. Like magic. I am on something different now which is working very well. Long story .. another time.

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Am glad to hear yours is working well. Can I ask are you on methotrexate with it? I am and am hoping over the coming months I can reduce the MTX!

Hi Hev, I am on 15mgs Mtx sub cut and want to come off it. Mtx lost its efficacy about 5 years ago when it was my sole RA med (it worked great for eight years then slowly waned) and I know that Rituximab is holding back the RA by itself. I need to talk to my rheumy nurse next week when I have my next infusion. I think we will be able to reduce right down but maybe not easy to convince them for us to come off the Mtx. NICE guidelines etc. x

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It’s not good when the MTX stops being so efficient!

Have you spoken yet to your nurse? When I next see my consultant in May I am going to ask about reducing the MTX - it was not being effective on its own for the past year.

Keep me posted x

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