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All illusion s destroyed- second attempt!

Sorry, fingers not working so posted last - post - before writing!

I have always been under the illusion, that although I look shocking on land, ( weird clumsy walking before I collapse into my wheelchair or mobility scooter), I look awesome- dolphin like- in the swimming pool.

Yesterday I was swimming up n down ( OK not how I used to look, but still. I got up and down a 20m pool 80 times. I ran and walked up and down. I swam using various new made up strokes) and I even took a moment to smile to myself that when I got out everyone in the pool would be shocked to see that such a lithe swimmer would stagger, with stick, back to the changing rooms. ( vanity. All is vanity)

As I got to the changing rooms a woman stopped me and asked me if I'd had knee operations. I explained. She said ' I was watching you in the pool love. You looked in so much agony.' She went on to tell me that she was glad I persevered when being in water was obviously so difficult. Ha ha ha. And I thought I looked like a dolphin. A swan. Oh well xx

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