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My pinkies are giving me Gip,

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Good evening/night, I have been in lots of pain for a week or more, my fingers and my toes have been hurting all week, my gp gave me some Voltarol , which seems to help, I was given some compression gloves too and then get some of them socks or chop the beggars off lol, I mean my feet by the way.

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omg...i am so sorry to hear this! But I know the feeling! I have been going through a major flare due to some bad news my -parents gave me about a week and a half ago. Mentally, I am over it, yet my body went nuts! Havent felt this bad in 2 months!

good luck to you!

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sylvi in reply to Jesnaskah

Hugs to you and your family.xxxx

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Philip in reply to sylvi

Thank you, I’m now separated from my beautiful wife, she still looks after me, with my Dementia, it was causing too much stress and arguments, so I moved out for the sake of my beautiful little daughter, we all get on tons better. AND NOW I’m moving to another flat still in the same housing ass. Fun

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Philip in reply to sylvi

Thank you Sylvi, I’m all alone now lol, going to see my beautiful young Daughter tomorrow. Can’t wait lol.

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Philip in reply to Jesnaskah

Hi , I’ve been having little bits of pain for a few months AND THIS, lol, it’s horrid and I’m almost in tears at times and no one to hug me but we just have to through it, lol

I have suffered with my fingers and toes and am waiting on surgery for my toes.Not fun darling when you struggle to

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LesJames in reply to sylvi

Couldn’t agree more, walking is/was my life

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Philip in reply to LesJames

I can’t walk far because I have a lot more illnesses and I have a lovely mobility scooter with a canopy on it to save me from the rain lol, so I can keep dry and cause trouble on the roads lmao, but I am insured and even taxed for the road.

Hi Phillip, I’m having the similar problems, I find tiger balm on balls of feet and toes help. Also I’ve bought some pedimed silocone gel toe caps these take some of the pressure of the big toe nails.

Hope this is of some help it may save cutting the buggers off.

Regards Mike

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Philip in reply to Matalow

Hi Mike, thank you for that, all I need now is a good woman to rub it all in, lol, plus in moving to a new flat and maybe she could could carry all of the big stuff. Lol

Hi Phil, sorry you're suffering. I too have painful pinkies. Do you have physio/OT appointments? One of the things I've found most helpful is my OT putting my hands in a warm wax bath, letting the heat seep in for a few minutes then massaging the affected joints. You can get the same effect by immersing your hands/feet in hot water and then massaging. Even better if you can find someone to do it for you 😁

Wax bath? Isn’t that kinky lol, the things we see in the papers lol.

I must admit the warm water is a Godsend, I used to stand at the sink for ages and yes I had to wash the dishes lol took me an hour or so lol, I’ve been to see the Bioengineering to get hands sorted and going again very soon, the it’s off to the feet people, podiatrist and see what the score is there, I last went there and they said my feet are beautiful on the outside and a mess inside lol, I just hope they don’t look inside my head lol.

I’ve have had the same especially at night like burning sensation

Yes I get the burning sensation as well. My wife was quite upset when I told her it felt like a cigarette burn. She said how do you know what a cigarette burn is like (given I have never smoked), I said I quite often was burnt by my Mother father as a child. I have always thought they were accidental, but other things indicate this might not be so. Hey Ho! Lets get on with this other problem.

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