Doctor been out this morning...........

I have a virus .............

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  • Plenty rest and water get well soon

  • Nasty. But keep an eye on it there is a vital type of pneumonia x keep warm x

  • Alannah, You mean going round at the moment? Oh boy I've had something awful too. I'm on awful antibiotics. Hope you are well. x

  • So sorry neon. I hope you get much better very soon. There's viral pneumonia in our area and Australian flu.

    Luckily tho I'm well phew. Apparently this year's flu jab covers the Australian one 😀

  • Thank you Alannah and I hope you steer clear of germs. Pneumonia is really awful. Takes months sometimes to clear. I will have my shot next time. I was at the theatre just after Christmas and I had had a cold end of November and three women came to sit behind us and hacked and coughed and sneezed the whole way through The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe for 2 & 1/2 hours. I had heard about the Australian flu as my hubby told me. Then I was at my SIL and her daughter who had a hacking cough was hugging me. Sweet but please not when you have germs!!

  • I know lol I try not to breath and cover my mouth with scarves Tec without people seeing. Suspect it doesn't work tho. And was my hands loads lol !

  • Yes I hide in scarves and high necked coats. 😁

  • We will need to do a research project on it lol.

  • LOL 😁

  • It hasn't stopped me getting ill this time.xxxx

  • You are very vulnerable still dear Sylvi from the last time. Not recovered properly and now another thing. 😩. Please rest all you can. I'm going to ask for another week of antibiotics as much as I hate them as I'm not sure it's fully gone yet (three days of capsules left) as my wheezing has subsided but not totally gone but I can lay down without wheezing but still thick catahhr. I know that the post infection catahhr cough can linger on after though. You keep as strong as you can and hope you can eat. I can't as these ABs make me lose my appetite. First food of the day will be two slices of toast shortly. I don't eat much bread but it's the blandest option. That and Complan/microwave oats. Roll on Spring. Can't wait to see how many of my baby bulbs come up which I planted in October. xxxxx

  • I can't eat toast due to my bariatric surgery. It has upset me this winter that i haven't been able to anything in my garden. I got fed up of the window in the front of the lounge so i cleaned it and put my nets back up and yep i know i have done,xxxx

  • I am gluten sensitive but better this than nothing as I can't face anything else. Hope you can eat something to give you strength. xx

  • I cleaned my windows and washed and put the large voile back up. Took an hour to iron! Argh I can't send that away to be ironed as it need to go up straight away crease less! Looks nice anyhow. xx . Just pace it if you feel you must do anything but preferably not but I'm dreadful at not doing things. I cleaned and bleached all the bathrooms tiles on Thursday! Mask and goggles and gloves! xx

  • Oh darling a woman after my own heart. After i did the window i did a bit of polishing ,but for me i was a good girl i stopped,i will see how i feel as to whether i do a bit more polishing.xxxx

  • If you must then only a little job every day till you feel better! xxxx

  • Get well soon xx

  • Hopefully it will pass soon Sylvi. I know you'll be resting up. ((x))

  • Hope you get well soon 🌹

  • Ho my darling get well soon xxx

  • Keep warm lovely. Feel brighter soon . X

  • Rest up Sylvi- just lie down to it and get better x

  • Rest up - feel better soon🤞x

  • Oh b@gger, Sylvi .. this is not on. I know the pneumonia you had takes an age to get over when it really takes hold. I know you can be vulnerable and we are anyhow on these potent meds. Please rest up and get well soon. Gentle hugs. xxxx

  • Thank you all,i am sad to say i still feel rough, I will be going back to bed shortly when hubby goes to take our son to the station as he is on a course this week as he is training to be a electrician in an effort to better himself. My back is so suffering from this virus.xxxxx

  • Sorry to hear this Sylvi, viruses can be bad, I attended hospital for a year with my first illness only to be told it was a virus , possibly a new virus, I called it after myself, or it cud have been they didn't know what was wrong with me, take care, xx

  • Oh dear Sylvi, get well soon. I had a virus beginning of December and then a chest infection which thankfully has now almost gone. It's not nice being so poorly especially when you have to deal with RD as well xxx

  • Sorry to hear that. Now you know what you are dealing with. Ive been coughing up rubbish for 4 to 5 weeks now. Saw doc and she said its a virus. Im not poorly like you but its waring. REST dear lady.

  • I have no fight left in me,this morning i had diahrea again and had to rush to the loo ,but it was too late. so after getting me sorted out hubby went to take our son to the station and i stayed

  • Yes upstairs i would suggest will help your first stage of recovery. Take care Sylvi.

  • Thank you Ruth.xxxx

  • Like all of us when one of us is poorly we wish we could do something to help. Its just great you have family there. Take care and i look forward to hearing of your recovery

  • Take care get well soon, sending hugs! X

  • Hopefully it will go away quickly. Keep warm and comfy.

  • I sincerely hope you get better soon, sweetheart. Great big gentle hugs


  • Thank you all very much darlings, hugs to you all.xxxx

  • Hope your feeling better soon Hun xx

  • I’ve been to GP & on antibiotics for chest infection. Can’t decide whether to see GP again on Friday to make sure all ok to take methotrexate & Benepali again?

  • As i am still on antibiotics i can't take my MTX this week,but i am glad the dr who came to see me had the good sense to give them to me as i believe it saved me from being more ill than i actually am.They are shifting what was on my chest at least,xxxx

  • I always feel like I’m wasting GP time when I go , but need to know if ok or not to take RA meds. When I went to GP last Friday she said it was a good job I went to see her.

    And 99% of the time I’m right in going to see GP!

  • Good girl better safe than

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