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Rheumy visit

Hi guys,

Well Im back from seeing my RA nurse and she has given me anti emeric tabs which I took 2hrs ago and already I feel an improvement!

I have to stop MTX for 2 weeks to see if its that thats causing me to be so sick. She doesnt think it is. She thinks im fighting a bad viral infection. Bloods and urine taken and she said im slightly dehydrated. The supplements ive been taking certainly have not helped me. What you think is naturally good clearly isnt for us RA folks.

My appointment to see the RA doctor has been brought forward to 16th of this month so hopefully ill be feeling better by then. If not my drugs will be re-evaluated.

Im back to work tomorrow so im praying for a break and take it from there.

Its been a really scary experience for me and I want to thank you all once again for your comments, advice and support.

I shall keep you all posted xx

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That's great. And keep drinking water....

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I'm pleased you've been prescribed an antiemetic Angie, & that it's helping. Also that your nurse thinks your black cohosh hasn't helped, confirming we need to be very careful with interactions of herbs & 'natural' supplements taken alongside our meds. A reminder we should always check first with a medical professional & not just buy & take.

We'll see if it is MTX or not but meantime do keep your fluids up, plenty of water. I've started keeping a bottle in the car too recently & surprised myself how often I reach for it.


Thats a good start on the road to better days. ☺

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Let's hope your improvement goes from strength and that your meds aren't the culprit. Hugs



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