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Against: fluoride, perchlorate, lead, wireless, grains, legumes

I don't know people who agree with much of what I believe about diet, life style, or exercise or even have the same interests. For example, I don't do grains (especially corn), legumes, or things with more than one ingredient. I lean towards high fat, low carb. I think fluoride, perchlorate, lead, arsenic and the fracking chemicals in the water make it unsafe to touch and breath and certainly unsafe to drink, wash vegetables in or bath in. I think the government is filled with lead-poisoned, insane, immoral lunatics who belong in prison or worse. I avoid everything labeled "smart" and/or wireless.

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Hello - just wondered have you always been this way, or is this due to your diagnosis? This condition has certainly led me to evaluate things, however, there are somethings unavoidable due to social economics. I felt I did everything right so was aghast when diagnosed with RA! I questioned if they got the right person’s info. So I changed my outlook on life and what I eat 360!


Before I got sick, I wasn't interest in environmental issues and certainly not politics. I trusted that the government was keeping us safe. It took a long time and a lot of doctors and money down the drain to get a diagnosis. Since then, I've been taking biology courses (immunology, genetics, etc.) to inform myself. I was already a nurse. Most of "the way I am" are from facts I've learned. There's a big difference between facts and opinions. The part about the politician like Scott Pruitt suffering form lead poisoning is a guess, an educated guess. The nutrition part is an opinion. As to unavoidable social economics, it's my opinion that a lot of the problems are absolutely avoidable.


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