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Sleep....and Pain

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I am sure many people are in the same boat here but I'm having a seeming severe peak in pain on an ongoing basis (several months now) and it doesn't matter how much I sleep I cannot get any rest from it, if that makes sense. I approached my GP and got a 'can't do any more' answer and just had a failed Kenalog injection into my hip via Rheumatology. Im on Paracetamol/Codeine, Lyrica, Ibuprofen, Fentanyl and Tramadol or various combinations as and when.

It feels like nothings working and I'm at the end of the line with pain relief and sleep. Any suggestions?

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I would get onto rheumatology and see if you can get treatment changed as no one should have to suffer the pain we get

I agree with popsmith. Get in touch with rheumatology.

However warm shower before bed, painkillers, warm room, memory foam mattress and a long body pillow help me x


Warm hello πŸ‘‹ , felinecatz (🐈 🐱).


Bit of supplemental information on sleep:

Don’t know how much good it’ll do β€” especially if the hurdle is pain.

Without pain reduction/ management, so much else seems moot. πŸ˜”

’Pain Concern’ forum ( ) may be an additional spot to explore? πŸ€”

Wishing you speedy pain relief so you can finally get a much-needed restful, restorative sleep, 🐈 🐱.

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Truly appreciated Kai xx

Hi you have and are on all the correct treatment .maybe a few tweets on medication like reduce 1 or withdraw one and increase another one. Phsiotherapy and hydrotherapy will help .and maybe short term sleep medication amitriptyline or trazadone if you fancy (short term).another think to help sleep if not already done so strict paceine do nothing for a couple of weeks and plenty rest to try avoid pain etc it does help sleep.have you been on any chronic pain courses or well being courses yet they are helpfull .Good luck p.s your gp should do blood tests incase inflammation etc to see if referral required

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Totally agree - when in this situation, Amitriptyline is my go-to little helper, never fails.

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Happy New year agree x

I wish i had an answer for you darling i really do. Hugs from

You could look into some of the more natural stuff. I'm not sure about the diet stuff I hear about, but I have found CBD to be somewhat useful. Warmth at least softens my pain a bit too and I've heard and experienced some great things from an osteopath (including acupuncture). It's going to vary person to person, but I would tend to at least try that sort of thing cos you may end up being one of the people it works really well for.

Could you also talk to your rheumy about potentially changing your treatment plan to see if anything else helps?

Sorry there isn't an obvious answer, but hopefully something will come along to help things at least a little. Wishing you well :)

Being on painkillers for a long time can actually give u pain. I became addicted to both codene and occicontin on seperate occasions with neck problems and back surgery.Your body wants more drug so makes pain .difficult thing is working out what pain is from the drugs and what pain is the disease ( both very similar)

U are on a lot of drugs and they are obviously not working. Get your doc to refer u to a good pain specialist and agree with everyone go see your rheumatologist and good luck.

To everybody... Here is to a happy,healthy and as pain free as possible 2018!!🌟

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I take Dihydrocodeine 4 times a day with 2 at night. Also Paracetamol at the same time. NSAIDs I won't use, I take 2 Zopiclone at night - The combination Dihydrocodeine plus a sleeping tablet ensures I get some sleep, although I wake with dead arm and a sore neck, so back to the Dihydrocodeine and Paracetamol. They don;t work 100%, but they make life tolerable.

I can't take Amitriptyline because of Amioderone , they have a dangerous reaction if mixed.

Amitriptyline plus codeine and Zopiclone works well for my wife, she gets a decent sleep most night.

Looking at this post made me wonder what mattress people here find helpful. I wake up with terrible pain in my knees hip and shoulder. I have been looking at memory foam mattresses . Are they worth the money ?

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A memory foam mattress topper works better and cheaper than a new mattress

Oh bless you. I agree with others who recommended contacting your rheumy dept. I don't know whether you respond better to cold or warmth but one of my daughters bought me a microwave back warmer. I tried it out and it can sit quite low on the back and over the back of the hips. It's utter bliss. Perhaps worth trying until you find more permanent relief. Hugs


Hi, I know what it is like I have had ongoing pain for 2 years, the only thing that helped was steroids (prednisone) ask your doctor or Rheumatologist.

Sorry about your high level of pain. Gosh this is interesting to read. I have, ive been told, a high pain thresh hold but its no help at the moment as pain is hugh but there us a lot of things going on emotiinally in my family, so putting it down to that. Im reassured to read that others are on so much medication as it really concerns me as im on a lot also...with some success. We have a memory foam mattress and once I got used to it I think its very good. Got it before I had RD so dont have direct cause and effect answer though. I do think its helped regarding waking with less pain.

This was me before my GP reviewed all my pain relief & as all were needed for separate issues she amended doese & added amitriptyline, that was enough, I now have proper restful sleep. My meds mirrored yours, except I'm not prescribed tramadol, that's one I've refused & I have buprenorphine instead of fentanyl although I fear I'm in need of slight increase & on the highest dose now. Maybe similar all that's needed for you, you're on enough so can your doses be tweaked?

If it helps my doses are 30/500mg co-codamol as needed, 125mg pregabalin (Lyrica) morning & evening (plus 25mg extra when needed) & Butec 20mcg/hr weekly. I also take 60mg etoricoxib every other night but if needed I can take it every night until the pain/inflammation has subsided. I must say though that adding the amitriptyline has really helped, titred up to 25mg morning & 50mg evening.

Maybe if there's room for increase or adjustment in your doses you can make a double appointment with your GP to go through them again. Definitely a winding down period before bedtime helps. A warm bath if you can get in & out helps, as does no using iPad or phone for an hour or so before bed & as simple as it sounds changing your pillow if yours is a few years old. I've just bought a brill one from Dunelm, a feather-filled but it's a firm one especially for side-sleepers. I have cervical spondylosis & it supports my head & neck beautifully. One thing's for sure, you can't go on as you are, without restful sleep RD can be a hard slog.

Are you a snorer, are you overweight with a thick neck, sorry if these questions appear personal, but I often have (had) nights like that and discovered I had obstructive sleep apnoea, I use a machine to balance pressure on my airways and it help greatly with the snoring, during my overnight test on hospital I was waking up 84 times an hour on average, just waking up enough for my body not to rest but often not enough to register it in my conscience. Often strong pain killers can make this worse due to the relaxing nature of the med and the depression of respiratory functions that morphine and other opioid drugs can do.

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