Was told I'd have to wait 6 - 8 weeks for a decision, but it's taken just 4 weeks arriving in this morning's post. I did not think Nov 30th's reassessment went very well at all. In fact I was downright pessimistic about getting a favourable decision. Pleased to say how wrong I was. Not only did I qualify for PIP but my daily living needs have increased from standard rate to enhanced rate. My mobility rate remains as standard. Goes without saying that I'm really pleased with the result, which means an extra £120 per month, and justly so as my condition has noticeably deteriorated since I was first assessed in 2014. The only blip is that I will have to be reassessed in three years time instead of the previous four.

Oh, I should add that my wife was never in doubt that I'd get an improved rate. She repeatedly said that they only need to take one look at me to see the state I'm in...and there was me under the illusion that I look 20 years younger than what I am. Blinkin' tramadol playing tricks with my mind again! :-)

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  • Congratulations...I’m really pleased for you! It’s great to hear that people are getting the extra help they need and deserve!! 😊

  • Great result but makes you mad we need assessment in the first place, can they not look up our hospital results but that would be too easy

  • They don't believe in making anything easy. Trying to find the assessment centre was a nightmare!....located in a small side street in a busy city centre with complicated traffic systems that you're not familiar with...give us a break! We arrived 10 minutes late as did another couple who looked just as stressed as we were with trying to find the place. Was expecting to have to navigate a narrow spiral staircase with polished steel steps but no, they actually had a lift we could use. ;-)

  • Glad you got it.

  • congrats !

  • Thanks Idwilliams...good solid welsh surname that! :-)

  • with a smattering of english, italian and romani :D

  • :-)

  • Thats great ☺

  • Congratulations.xxxx

  • Thanks all, goes to show that being pessimistic ain't always bad thing. :-)

    A major concern of mine about the assessment not going well was, and I'm not exaggerating in the slightest here, that my RA was the best it had been for about two years. You can tell by my award that it still wasn't too good even then. A couple of days after the assessment and my RA was back to it's usual hellish self. Typical innit!

  • So good to hear you've had the correct result and thank you for sharing. I, too, look amazingly young for my age - until I put the glasses on. The blooming things give you wrinkles you know.


  • Well done you 👍. I am hearing now that more people are getting the pip. So hopefully they are starting to realise that people are not going to roll over and do nothing about it. Well done 👍 I am really pleased for you. Love and hugs 🤗🤗🤗🌹🌹🌹xxx

  • Congratulations

  • Aww I'm sure you look just fine and I'm glad for you both you're getting the extra allowance.

  • Thanks for the nice words everyone and all the very best for 2018.

  • Only just seen this wishy, you know I'd have been on it had I seen it sooner! So, so pleased for you, particularly as the increase to enhanced I know is really necessary now. Yay! 😊

  • Thanks heelsy. With the shape I'm in this morning I just might launch an appeal. haha