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Does Sulfasalazine work?


Hello! I have RA and I am currently on methotrexate, plaquenil, mobic, and most recently sulfasalizine. I also take prednisone when I have a flare. I have only been on the sulfasalazine for approx one month, 2 pills daily. I am just now able to take this medication without it causing extreme acid reflux and stomach upset. However, I can't tell it has helped with any of my pain. Is this a low starting dose and has anyone else had good luck with sulfasalazine? Also, how long should I expect it to take before I see any possible results?

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Like all drugs they can take up to three months to really work so be patient and if your concerned contact your rheumy.xxxx


Hi. I've been on it nearly 3 months. I also had extreme acid reflux and other side effects. I take four a day now and I have only just started to feel some mild improvement. This has been the slowest-acting drug I have ever tried.

It seemed to make no difference to me both when I started and stopped.

There are lots of people here on sulphasalazine successfully, but it does vary a lot. Unfortunately I'm sensitive to sulphonamides and came out in a beautiful classic rash after only the first day, so another choice out of the window.

I've been on it 10 years now, initially 4 per day then they up'd it to 6. I haven't had any side effects that I know about. Earlier this year my RA got markedly worse, mostly in my hands, and as I work with them it is a major problem to me. So I have now been put on Hydroxychlorquine as well. Been taking it a Month now with no improvement, has anyone had similar experience?


I was on sulfasalazine for ten years. 6 tabs a day. Worked well and after ten years stopped working.

Make sure you have coated version to min tummy problems.

Hi I only take 20 mg meth inj now had bad like flu quit often at first last one over a year ago had a heart attack 3 years ago said it could be the RA maybe get checked out Hope you get to feel better it takes time

Hi I got diagnosed about 7-8 years ago,

I started on sulfasalazine with 2 tablets daily ended up with 6 daily after 3 months . For me they were useless I’m now on methotrexate and Orencia injection and doing a little bit better . I had severe side affects from salfasalazine

I can’t take any medication with steroid due to my cluecoma, I also experienced

Uvicitis in one of me eyes due to ra .

Good luck with sulfasalazine give it time but you are on a very low dose , if you get a lot of side affects like bad anxiety or depression it Will eventually pass after 5-6 weeks but give it time .

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