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Does AS mean bones can break easier too?

I have walked into a locked door (such an idiot!). Basically it's always unlocked at work and I moved the handle walked at a massive speed/ force and hurt my wrist.

I went to minor injuries a couple of days later and the clinician said probably tendon damage but could be broken scaphoid but needed to wait until Monday to wait and see if it's still bad as scaphoid fracture takes a while to show up on an X-ray.

Basically, it is still a dull pain, particularly when I grip/ twist so will go back tomorrow to have the X-ray but would like to know if Benepali affects bones/ having AS means higher risk of fractures? Would be interested to hear if anyone has experience of broken bones/ Benepali/ AS?! Thanks!

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It's not very likely to have affected you in that way, but having inflammatory arthritis can be associated with thinning of the bones, probably partly due to the treatments we take (like steroids) and partly due to the restriction of ability to exercise that comes with the pain.

If you are concerned, discuss it with your medical team and ask if they think you should have a bone scan?


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