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Signed off by lovely orthapedic surgeon !

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So today was the final trip to Darent and I saw the extensive surgery which has corrected my left foot. I now have 2 matching and pain free feet. The degree of deformity was 29 now its the normal 7, wow ! I can go shoe shopping and I really need new boots.

Honestly if you can get this done its made my foot normal and it was not painful just a bit throbby for a while. I can say that the hospital was super, the surgeon so friendly and the appointments were kept too. I simply can't praise them enough and look forward to a few rambles in January I've been advised to start slowly and it just shows that the NHS really can do things well and make a diseases impact really minimal. I'm so happy !!!! xx

8 Replies
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wow that's amazing medway lady. It must be wonderful to be pain free. So glad for you


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medway-lady in reply to rosie1928

It is indeed. xx

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Thanks for sharing you're uplifting story its good to hear a happy ending, enjoy your shoe shopping.



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So good to hear positive experiences of the NHS, and effective surgery. Enjoy walking!

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I'm thrilled for you medway lady! No pain and normal-looking feet too. New shoes and boots! Wahay!


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Neonkittie17 in reply to Gnarli

Fantastic!!! 😁

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I'm so thrilled for you!! Thank you for posting this, as it has helped me make the decision to have my feet fixed. Again, thank you :) ....oh, and enjoy your shoe shopping!!

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So happy for you lovely to hear good things about Darrenth Valley NHS is not so bad so glad we have it

Good Luck


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