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Nordimet Methotrexate

Went to the pharmacy today to get my new reduced prescription for Methotrexate and was presented with a new type of injection pen it is like the Benepali injection pen am I right in thinking that the old pens are been replaced?

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Hi don't use one myself but I believe it's called metoject. Seen lots of mentions on here.


Sorry for the delay in answering your post but I have been having some health issues, both mental and physical, that left me with no desire to correspond with anyone. To answer your question.....I don't inject my MTX...instead I take 8 tablets once a week. I take my MTX on Tuesday. I take 3 tabs in the morning @ 6:00am, 2tabs @12:00 noon, and 3 tabs@ 6:00pm. The most "important" advice I can give to you is to read everything you can on this website and narrow it down to your specific ailments. This is the best website I have ran across that deals with OA/RA and other health related issues. The sequence in which I take my Tuesday dosage is what I learned on this website, and just knowing that there is a place I can go to voice my gripes, questions, and concerns is a God sent. Please feel free to send any questions you have and good luck on your quest to become well and healthy.


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