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Constant pins and needles in my right hand.


For the last couple of weeks I've had pins and needles in my right hand constantly. I've not yet spoke to a doctor about it. Ime trying to discover info first. Before I see a doctor. If theirs anything I can get for it. Etc

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Hi Paul,

it could be something called peripheral neuropathy:

Hope this helps

Beverley (NRAS Helpline)

Beverley. Thankyou for your post. Everything I needed to no. Explained in a simple way. Rather then in a way were its told in all that medical science jargon. ( Read it and when your finished it means nothing.) Your way was great. Thanks


Paul, I hope you see your GP about this as it may not be peripheral neuropathy.

Good luck!

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A know yeah. Ime going to. Thanks. Like you said it might not be what we just get told. Its been like it for 2.weeks now. And I've damaged my hands all my life in the fighting game. I put it down to that.but it could be down to anything. It needs investigation.

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Keep them all coming

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