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Getting oneself in a state!!

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Hi everyone

I know I’ve asked advice regarding leflunomide before and it would appear I’m probably getting myself in a bit of a state about something that’s as straight forward as the taking of all other medication! However, I’m sitting here looking at the packet and wondering if it is better to take them at night ( Now) or in the morning?

I know, for me, taking my methotrexate at night means I sleep through most of the yucky feelings but I’m unsure if this would apply with the leflunomide.

Any thoughts on the matter would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi Marie,

Leflunomide has a long half life and stays in your system for ages. Given that, I’m not sure it’d make much difference. That said, I know it can cause stomach side effects so maybe you’d be better before bed once you’ve got a full stomach?

I take most medications at night unless they’re known for insomnia and this seems to work well for me but I’m aware it’s only anecdotal.

Take care.

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Hi Sophie

Thank you for replying. That seems like sound advice and makes sense.

Hope things are improving for you?

Take care


I used to take my LEF with my other evening meds, no reason other than I got my first script for them after I'd taken my morning ones. I wasn't given a specific time to take them so no help really I'm sorry Marie. There may be something in taking them in the evening though as Sophie says they do have a long half-life so I'm not sure it'd make a difference either.

Anyway I hope they help.

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Thanks NMH, that’s what I will do- being stupidly hesitant , I think!



I take leflunomide (ARAVA) too since long ago. I find it okay to me. I always take it after breakfast in the morning.


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Thanks Amy

Oh hun, don't be in such a state. Everyone is different. I took mtx in the morning because it "knocked me out" after about 8 hrs later. When I was prescribed Lefluomide, my rheumie said I should take it in the morning because of the way mtx affected me...So give yourself a week or so of deciding when to take it.

Wishing you the best.

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Thank you x

My Rheumy suggested I take it at night.

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Can I ask the reason for this?

Thanks for your response


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