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Calf pain/numbness & now shoulder pain/numbness

Hi! I am a 25 year old female. Last summer I fell down the stairs and came on my back and my 2 legs which caused serious pain both my back and legs. Bruises came out and pain faded away with time.

About 4 weeks ago I started the gym... I work full-time on a desk and I was going straight to the gym and start my 15 min treadmill & my ab workouts (machines). After 2 weeks I've noticed a pain in my right calf. Survive pain its like numb feeling and twitching, went to the doctor because I thought it was a serious case something like a blood clot. The doctor was sure it was not the case and he told me it's a muscle/ nerve injury.

About a week later the pain/ numbness was still there and decided to go to a physiotherapist. I told her my symptoms and also told her that I was on my 6 years of pill and I don't smoke. She checked me and she also was sure it was not a blood clot. She told me it was coming from my back and is going through my legs as I was not warming up before the gym and I was staying in a bad posture. She also gave me some exercises and felt better straight after.

That week I felt much better and last Friday we decided to go out for the weekend so I put on some heels which is when I experienced the pain again. The pain on the right leg was quite painful and I was very worried / did not eat as I was really anxious ... When we arrived home I removed my heels and did my exercises which is when my leg started to heal. I also experienced some pain on the left leg but very light. Before I went to sleep I had a slight pain on my shoulder but went to sleep as I was feeling really tired. When I woke up my shoulder became a bit worse and I have a survive pain on my left shoulder/arm.

Can someone please help me? I'm sick and tired worrying about this.. so many thoughts. :( Thanks!

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You are obviously worried about your continuing problems with pain and perhaps have some underlying concern that you damaged something when you fell? The best bet is to keep a record of what is happening to your body and when, and go to see a doctor again.

It does sound a bit as if you are expecting your body to just cope with whatever you throw at it without protesting! Perhaps continuing the exercises that the physio gave you and working up more slowly to exercises might be a good plan?


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