My left leg

My left leg is really doing my head in. In particular the knee is agony. It's swollen, and weirdly itches! Does anyone else experience itching with swelling. I think it's full of fluid.

Also my achilles all the way up to my calf hurts. The muscles hurt (both legs). I'm getting so sick of being in pain. I have to use crutches or a stick. My toes are numb too.

I'm so hoping that the scope therapist will help. Perhaps a steroid into knee. I can't walk far these days and I'm beginning to resemble the dough boy!

Moan over...for now.

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Steroid shot in the knee always helps mine when it gets that bad. And yes, the itching comes with swelling for me too, and I've gained a ton of weigh with the diagnosis. This disease is very tiresome, isn't it? Seems it is always something new to deal with. I'm sorry you feel so bad and hope you get relief soon!


Thank you dbestdeb.

Sorry you've had knee problems too. I did wonder about the itching.

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My knee and fingers used to itch like mad when they were swollen with inflammation. The steroid shots work like magic for me and last a long time. Hope you can get one and be able to use the stick less. I hear you .. It's my main problem keeping that knee moving and unswollen.


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