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I seem to be always asking questions here. This time it is about my right eye. Saturday I woke up with my right eye aching. It seemed to improve by moving my neck which was cracking a lot. The ache went away but came back odd times. It went last night but has since returned. I was diagnosed with polymyalgia in 2014 so am very wary about GCA, however that pain is described as like no other pain, plus has other symptoms. I have been diagnosed since with inflammatory arthritis and now psoriatic arthritis and srogens has also been mentioned. I am reducing my steroids and am at 16mg, also on Humira and Methotrexate. I have glaucoma but this doesn't feel like that. Last November and December I went to A & E because of similar symptoms and nothing was wrong with my eyes. I had my eyes tested in late August and was shown a healthy optic nerve on the screen, my pressures were fine then also, well a bit raised but they weren't bothered. My ESR last week was 6 and CRP was less than 4. Does anyone have similar symptoms as I don't know whether psoriatic arthritis involves eyes. I tend to panic over anything to do with eyes but wonder if I should wait and see for a few days or if I need to see anyone who would be the person to see, Doctor? rheumatologist? Eye Clinic but I can only call the glaucoma nurse if I think it is that or optician but they won't want to see me again so soon.

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    Yup psoriatic arthritis mist certainly can cause eye issues. I had iritis recently. Luckily all was Ok, but I was told to go to the walk in eye hospital if I experienced a painful red eye again.

  • We don't have one of those. I do have the number of the glaucoma nurse though. Before I have been at the hospital all day and everything was ok. I half think if I worry about these things they get worse. Last time after being told all was ok it went away. My husband wants me to wait a few days as it will either go away or get worse in which case he thinks there will be something for them to see. My eye isn't red, it has been in the past and my gp always says it's a virus. I am wondering if those virus's were connected to RA or some sort. It always got better on it'sown though when it has been red.

  • I think if it's red and inflamed definitely go. If it's not it's probably OK to wait. But I'm no doc!:-)

  • If I it persists get it looked thats what I do. If only to relieve your anxiety.it mightbe nothing much and I agree sometimes when you stop worrying so much it goes away or doesn’t seem as bad! I’ve had eye issues lately which actually seem to be allergy related. Never had autumn allergies before.

  • I have PsA too and have had a few issues with my eyes. My rheumatologist has told me possibly uveitis or iritis, which make your eye go red. Both linked to IA. My eye hasn't gone red, it is always my right. But I have had pain followed by sustained periods of blurry/ double vision. You can walk in to an optician who can provide first aid for your eyes. Best to do this when having the issue and they can check your eye properly at the time. My optician advised that dry eyes, also associated with IA, can cause eye pain too. You might just need an eye drop or something. I feel the same though, it feels scary when it involves your eyes. Good luck getting to the bottom of it. Xxx

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