The smell of drying apples

The smell of drying apples

I'm still feeling pretty crook. Knee full of fluid, and a general feeling of unwellness. Doc checked me over Friday and took bloods. I've probably picked up a virus after my steroid shot. Bummer.

However, this morning ive managed to walk the shepherd dog a bit further than I've managed last couple of days. I've chopped up some fresh vegetables, and it's bubbling on the stove...soup for lunch. Also managed to chop up a load of faller apples. I'm drying them in the oven. Oh the smell is like heaven!

I have such an abundance of apples. I do love dried apple as a snack. I've made loads of apple sauce too. I can feel an apple cake brewing!

I wish you could smell the deliciousness.

What have you all managed today? Big or small, doesn't matter.

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  • Ahh sounds delicious ! Glad you have walked a bit further. I have managed something for the first time since I have been diagnosed and that is strangely enough, ironing a top. I am right handed and it is my right wrist that is crook so have not had the strength in it to manage the iron. I have also had no inclination to iron anything. Not that i am a great ironer. Far from it. But I think I just wanted to take a little care over my appearance which comes way down the list when it takes all your energy to get basic things done. And I looked at the new, rather heavy iron that my husband had recently bought and thought " Do you know what ? I think I can mange you now and I did ." So feeling good. A little better physically and psychologically. Enjoy the apples ! One thing with this disease is that we can take real pleasure in the everyday things that most people take for granted. It is a blessing in disguise to be able to do that to take real satisfaction from our achievements.

  • Get a ironing press and you won't have a problem ironing again. I have had one for years and it has been one of the best things we have brought.xxxxx

  • Not a lot as i am not well at all. Will be going back to bed when i have had my

  • I need that "dislike" button again. Hugs


  • 😢 xx

  • Sorry you feel cack Sylvi.

  • Mmmmmm! I wish I could come help you eat that applesauce! I used to spend hours peeling and coring apples for pies, applesauce and Apple butter!

  • It's been a gathering of the clans today. Himself's 3 adult children, their children (4) and a spouse. It was loosely organised chaos. To calm down and relax after they went home I started to make slipper socks. Once on they look as though a shark has your foot and lower leg in its jaws and is halfway up your leg. I may do some for the grandkids


  • Awesome! I wish I could still crochet or embroidery.

  • I'm so sorry. That was thoughtless of me. When my hands were bad last year I thought it would never happen again but, thanks to mtx, I still in the game. Slower than I was and can't do it for as long but still churning it out.


  • No reason to be sorry! I'm not! I'm glad to hear you can do something that is "normal" that you love! Just want awesome shark slippers!

  • That's very kind of you. Thank you very much


  • They sound delightful socks and i bet they will be warm.xxxx

  • Thank you. I hope so.


  • Excellent....can I put in a Christmas order?? :-)

  • Awww, thank you. Which Christmas had you in mind, sweetheart? With a large clutch of grandkids it could take me some time


    Ps Not to be worn at the same time as the beard hat (a sort of balaclava). That would just be quirky overload

  • Love the sound of those! Though on second thoughts they might confuse Freya, she'd think I need saving from the shark...I'd risk my legs being attacked!

    Can I ask, will you post a pic when you've completed one please?

  • I'm not sure that they will be very lifelike so reckon Freya will not be fooled as she looks far too clever. I love her name, it has a gentle sound to it. If and when the shark socks are finished there will be photos. Probably


  • Looks can be deceiving Jan. She points well enough, though our visitor squirrel has sussed her, it doesn't scurry off any more. Clever thing has worked out how to get the bird's peanut feeder off. I'd heard they can but never witnessed it before last week!

  • Oh bless her. That reminds me. I have to buy a slinky for the freestanding bird feeder. Apparently, it stops squirrels climbing to steal the bird food.


  • I have managed to do a few extra chores and some origami.

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