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Has Anyone Come Back to Play Hockey Goalie After Knee Replacement?

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I'm 60 and used to play as a hockey goalie. Has anyone come back to play after after knee replacement surgery? Has anyone come back to skate as a forward? Thanks.

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I'm not sure what type of hockey you play but I don't think anyone here plays hockey, not that we've discussed anyhow. NRAS being a UK charity we're mostly from the UK though we do have some overseas members, I'm sure if they can help be along to share their experiences. It might be worth asking on another Healthunlocked site, Cure Arthritis Community, they're a US site healthunlocked.com/cure-art...

Btw are you aware you've posted on the same topic 3 times? Just so you're aware they're all on the same site.

OK, thanks. I'm new.

No probs & welcome! I hope RD & a replacement knee doesn't stop you playing if you enjoy it!

OK, I've seen 2 acronyms: RA, and RD. I think RA is rheumatoid arthritis. RD isn't research and development is it. Thanks.

No, Rheumatoid Disease. Some of us have found it works better than having the Arthritis tag, RA being often misunderstood as OA, wear & tear arthritis.

OA is osteoarthritis, right? Thanks.


Paul, if you look towards the top right of the page, under Pinned Posts, you'll see one entitled Common abbreviations and acronyms on this community, you may find referring to that helpful? I've just been amending a part, should have thought to mention it before, apols.

OK, saw it. Thanks.

My sister played tennis at a high level (Swiss Ladies champion one year!) and got back to playing tennis after a knee replacement. But not competitively - she felt she needed to feel able to leave the occasional long difficult shot and say 'good shot' instead of chasing after it.

So I would say that you may be expecting too much to play competitive ice hockey with an artificial knee - you do want it to last!

Appreciate the response. I'm thinking of drop in hockey or an over 50 league. Thanks.

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