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Feels like flu all the time.

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Every day I wake up and it feels like I'm about to get flu. Headache sore throats aching bones nausea dizziness. My god. Is it going to be like this forever? 8 weeks from diagnosis and on hydrochloroquine and sulfasalazine. Just shite.

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Yep RA makes you feel rough because you've got inflammation going on all round your body. A bit like flu I suppose. No it won't be like this all the time once you get on effective anti-inflammatory treatment, usually a biological treatment. Until then keep taking the paracetamol and non-steroidals.

HTH? Good luck.

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Jules13 in reply to hawker955

Thanks. Xx

It will get better, it just takes time! Most meds take 12 weeks to get in your system good enough to make a difference. I tell you this as I am in week 3 on mtx, and a cold caught me causing me to lose my voice!

It will get better. I remember feeling like that at the beginning. Aching, sweats, nausea and no appetite. I've never felt like that since. the Mxt gradually made me feel better and after 9 months or so I was feeling, not normal, but nearly normal most of the time. I had a few side effects from it but these lessened and now I don't have any. Hang in there and rest as much as you can?

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It's good to hear things improve. Thanks x

I know you won't want to hear this, but it's early days yet and there is no quick way to get the balance of meds that are right for your body. Don't give up.

Hi, I'm on those meds as well, 4 weeks in and I wake up feeling awful, like flu, some days I just stay in bed, next day I'm ok in the morn then go downhill again, I hope it gets better. I'm on holiday and spent most of my time in bed , feel sick as well, I've lost weight, my clothes are falling off me. I was hoping a bit of heat would help me but I think it's making me worse. I wear a big hat and cover up now, stay in shade, great, I'm going to go home looking worse than I came 😩

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are you only 4 weeks diagnosed then Lizard?

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It's taken 6 years for them to come up with MCTD and positive bloods for RA. Apart from steroids this is first time on these meds

And yes, only 4 weeks till I got this diagnosis

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I'm on steroids too. So we are the newbies here. At least I'm 4 weeks ahead of you so that might be quite helpful for you. I was out with the family on Saturday... lunch and then just sat on the beach and drove home. I was soooo exhausted yesterday I spent whole day in bed. Sore throats, aching all over. It's so ridiculous that I can get so tired over a day at the beach. I hear it gets better so I just have to believe that.

Everyone's comments have been so helpful here to me. Been on leflunomide just a month,still looking for more improvement. Have to be patient!!! THANK YOU all, you have helped me today!!!! ( peace) ushagrace

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