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Why is it, that whenever i go out on previously planned get togethers, family gatherings etc, within the hour of meeting everyone, the drinking starts (cups of tea mainly), I start to feel like shite!?

Fatigue kicks in. My joints start aching. My skin feels itchy, Trying to control my constant yawning 😪

I've been invited to a big night out, but I've had to refuse, because I know exactly what I'm going to be like. Plus I don't want people fussing over me.

It's no fun at times is it.

Today, i wanted to go out, BUT NO, MY BODY REFUSED TO LET ME.

Ah well, hopefully a better day tomorrow!!

Time for a whisky i think 🍸

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Oh my darling i so know what you mean.I am on holiday and i have been pushing myself a bit,then we went out with a very dear friend last night and here i am at 4.30am stuffing painkillers down my throat. Sending you oodles of hugs and love.xxxxx


Ohh Sylvi, feel for you too. 😔

So far this morning, i feel ok, hope it stays that way.

Hugs to you x

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I know what youwant. I am on a 4 day dance holiday. Feeling shattered I know the rest of next week will be be bed time every day. I love sequence dancing so end up doing too much

It's so hard to give up what you love and loose friends too. Xxxx hugs. Xx


Absolutely right about friends. They seem to have drifted away some of them.

Ah well, their loss i say. 😄


just had my longest flare up of 10 days. Anyone else have this type of flare up? Feeling good the past two days as can move legs normally again, but so disheartened that the only people I get to talk to in a week are when I go dancing. Without being able to dance, there isn't much chat as playing Bridge and Going to theatre I am still by myself. How do you cope?

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